AVS Image Converter

AVS Image Converter

Resize and convert images between many popular formats
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If you ever need to change the size of a large amount of images or to convert them into any of the most widely used file formats, AVS Image Converter is a serious option to consider. It not only supports bulk image resizing and conversion, but it also offers you a set of useful resize presets and powerful one-click correction and enhancing tools, filters, and effects to make the job even easier.

Designed mainly to change the size of your photo collections in one single operation, the program offers an extensive list of size presets, both in standard quality and 300 dpi. The sizes are offered in inches and centimeters, and they include the most common sizes for printed photographs, photo albums, photo frames, slideshows, etc. The resizing process will preserve the original quality of the pictures unless you change the corresponding value using the slider provided.

However, as its name states, AVS Image Converter is not just resizing your photos. It is a full-featured conversion tool, complete with some interesting editing functionality. Thus, you can perform some automatic lighting corrections (brightness, contrast, temperature, etc.), add some creative image effects (sepia, positive/negative, old photo, etc.), and even turn your images into 3D photos, all with just one click. For those who find these basic correction functions a bit “too basic” or simply prefer to apply them manually, the program offers an Advanced Corrections section where you can make use of a series of sliders to change the levels of brightness, contrast, temperature, blur, and sharpness. Here you can also add manually any of the effects supported and even apply a different texture mask to your images. Finally, before launching the resizing and/or conversion processes, you can opt to rotate and mirror your photos, as well as to add an image or text watermark to them to protect your authorship.

Though a bit on the high side when it comes to the program’s price tag, AVS Image Converter is a tool worth considering when looking for professional and reliable resizing. It is robust, fast, and efficient, those assets are not always easy to find among its free and low-cost competitors.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Support for most popular formats
  • Resize presets
  • Batch resizing
  • Creative image effects
  • Creates animated GIFs


  • High price tag
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